Create your own bitcoin rotator in minutes!

Just select the faucets you want in your rotator, enter your referral ids and your rotator is ready.

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400+ Faucets

Select from 800+ faucets which you can add to your rotator. Also suggest new faucets which can then also be added to your rotator.

Auto Time Monitor

The faucet duration is automatically monitored i.e. faucets are removed from the rotator when users redeem and then readded once they are available to redeem again.

Report Faucets

Users can report faucets which are not working correctly and all reports can be seen by rotator creators.

Select Faucets

Users can select the faucets which they want to visit from the home page of each rotator.


View the pageviews for your rotator as well as pageviews for individual faucets in your rotator.

Website Integration

Add a rotator to your website and give free bitcoins to your users.

How to create your bitcoin faucet rotator

Step 1: Register and login
Step 2: Goto "Settings" and enter name and details of your rotator and "SAVE".
Step 3: Goto "Manage Faucets", select the faucets you want to add to your rotator and enter your referral id.
Step 4: Enjoy your Bitcoin Faucet Rotator at

In case you want you own url, you can buy your domain and forward it to

How to add a bitcoin faucet rotator to your website

Just create a new page and add the following code
<!DOCTYPE html>
<iframe src="" style="position: absolute; height: 100%; width:100%; left:0; top:0; border:none;"></iframe>
You can replace the URL with your rotator address like